Grantham Journal letter: Move stalls to free up parking

Grantham Market when it was buzzing.
Grantham Market when it was buzzing.
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Reference your article in last week’s paper regarding Grantham Market.

It did not state what year your printed photograph was taken. Looking at the photograph it does seem to have been taken before the regeneration of the Market Place. It bears no comparison to the Market Place as it was on Saturday.

I and many Granthamians remember when Grantham Market was the place to be on a Saturday, when the whole of Grantham and outlaying villages converged on it, and the place was buzzing. We have now got a market manager who suggests that the whole market could be located in Wide Westgate, thus limiting much wanted shoppers’ parking. Surely it would be more sensible to put the market in the actual Market Place and allow the stalls on the paved areas, creating a denser market which shoppers could stroll around.

Market Places were created in towns many years ago just to have market stalls on them.

In the case of Grantham, our Market Place is just a desolated, unwanted and unused area. Was the regeneration of it only done to benefit the Fair, who seem to be the only people who are allowed on it with their stalls and heavy equipment?

Olive Billingham