Grantham Journal letter: MP’s view is distorted

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It is said that “if you repeat a lie often enough, it will be believed” and it appears our MP Nick Boles is adopting this strategy in some of his remarks on the economy in the Journal (March 21).

In referring to ‘Labour’s Great Recession’ and claiming that ‘Gordon Brown and Ed Balls drove the economy into the ditch’ shows either a remarkable ignorance of the facts or a cynical attempt to deceive.

Virtually all economists of repute agree that the near collapse of the global financial system was triggered by greed and grossly irresponsible sub-prime lending in the USA with the contagion spreading to most other countries, followed by global recession. Yet Nick Boles would have us believe that the last government caused the global crash which of course is errant nonsense.

Would the global financial crash have occurred if the Conservatives had been in power? Of course it would. Should the last government have regulated the financial sector more? Of course it should, but Cameron and Osborne were calling for less regulation prior to the crash in order to satisfy their main donors in the City.

As for public spending, Nick Boles’ Conservative party pledged to match Labour’s plans so I have to assume they were satisfied with it and yet now they claim Labour overspent. Sounds a bit like hypocracy to me. In other words, he is being “economic with the truth”.

By the way, I note that Nick Boles has declined to explain to his constituents why voting in parliament to enable hospitals and A&E departments to be closed with just 40 days’ notice and no meaningful local consultation, can benefit us or Grantham Hospital.

P. Jones

Bell Close, Grantham