Grantham Journal letter: My fears for the road completion

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I have one grave concern over the recently started and welcomed Grantham Bypass, that as usual Grantham could be fobbed off with a half-built , half-finished project, or delayed due to Lincoln requiring our cash for another dual carriageway.

When phase one and two are completed the temptation, (or is this part of the unspoken plan) would be to start bringing traffic from and to the A1, banning goods traffic from the centre, and directing them down to the horrendous junction around McDonald’s/A52/Bridge End Road

I would encourage any council member to sit at this junction through the day and view the chaos - turning into and out of McDonald’s and the Spar shop, parked cars, delivery drivers, turning into Springfield Road, and the already backed up situation along Bridge End Road, A52, and all other roads leading into this Junction. At times a real shambles and complete gridlock.

Plus of course the very negative pollution around this area without additional traffic.

The huge improvement last year that closed most of these roads for some three months is indicative of the out of touch situation .

The two car feeder lane from Springfield Road is worse than useless in helping any improvement in traffic flow. This should and could have been built at the same time the local pub on this site was demolished and made a real feeder road.

Anyway enough of that, I do feel better now, although I did last night have a bit of a bad dream, Trump had been elected as President, Corbyn was Prime Minister and John Andrews was leader of a labour elected Lincs Council.

Shudder the thought. Regards