Grantham Journal letter: New car device?

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Not owning a brand new, state-of-the-art car, I’m intrigued by the design of newer cars and wonder if your readers may be able to help and confirm my suspicions.

I have noticed that most cars now seem to lack those little orangey-yellow lights on the front, rear and sides that tell other drivers that you are planng to turn, exit a roundabout or change lanes. We used to call them indicators. They were really quite useful, as they gave us an idea of what other drivers might be about to do. As I’m sure you can appreciate, waiting for long periods of time to enter a roundabout because drivers do not indicate their intention to exit can get quite frustrating. It used to take us a split second to activate the indicators, usually with a little stalk behind the steering wheel.

I can only assume that new cars are fitted with some sort of device that allows them to read the mind of their driver and then relay this to other cars (presumably fitted with similar devices), thus creating a network of cars communicating with one another and knowing what each one is about to do. Unfortunately, this shuts those of us without these intelligent state-of-the-art vehicles out of the communication network, leaving us merely to second guess what other drivers are about to do, increasing frustration and accident risk.

Would readers be able to confirm my suspicions and perhaps explain a little more how this interesting system works?


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