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Grantham Journal letter: New homes will negate benefits


From previous Journal reports it looks like the A52 east-west bypass is soon to begin. However, don’t expect too much relief from it, as you sit waiting in the frequent tailback on the Inner Relief Road.

Just make a mental assessment in both directions how many lorries are using this route. Of course, only some of these are potential bypass vehicles, some may have legitimate business in town and some are following the A607. Add to this a few cars but don’t forget that by the time the new residential developments planned for Grantham take place (involving a potential of some 10,000 cars), any advantage intially gained will quickly disappear.

I suggest that much of the traffic in town will increasingly be internal traffic, merely wishing to bypass the town centre to get to the other side of town.

Wharf Road is now frequently at or near capacity. The mistake now apparent, with hindsight, was the earlier decision (due I believe to negotiating difficulties) not to complete the second leg of the Inner Relief Road through to Gainsborough Corner. The more optional routes available for a motorist to achieve their destination will, of course, thin out traffic on any one particular route.

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