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Grantham Journal letter: ‘Nimbyism’ behind all the objections?


Can I be the only one who is becoming mildly irritated by the incessant, hysterical “Nimbyism” expressed every week in the Journal, by residents of the Manthorpe estate?

The slightest whiff of a housing development anywhere near has people spluttering over their coffee and reaching for their laptops. They cite, and complain about extra pressure on sewerage, cataclysmic traffic problems and the complete annihilation of the local wildlife. Are theydoing this because they care about the environmental impact of a few extra houses? The potential for increased global warming, melting the polar ice caps? Perhaps it’s because the increased carbon footprint will mean that we’ll run out of rhinos that little bit faster?

No. Development isn’t wanted in and around Manthorpe simply because of the selfish attitude of the people who live there – even though, of course, quite a few have extended or built on their own plots as far as they possibly can.

Manthorpe estate exists in its own little bubble. In other parts ofGrantham mass development is being steamrollered through. The construction of the Southern Relief Road is only going ahead if Grantham accepts over 4,000 new homes in the Southern Quadrant area alone – no homes, no bypass. he bypass is of course needed, but any benefit will be short-lived once the new residents move in and bring their cars with them.

Do we hear much in the way of objection to other developments in and around the town from the residents of the Manthorpe estate? No – clearly, if development is going on in other places and impacts on other people’s lives, that’s okay with them. If we have to put up with mass “growth” in and around Grantham, it seems to me that we should all share the pain, I can’t see any reason why the land around the Manthorpe estate shouldn’t be developed in exactly the same way as other similar areas.

I wouldn’t mind if the Manthorpe estate was an archcitectural gem, a pleasant garden suburb – but it’s not. It’s a bland, late 20th century housing estate, and if it wasn’t for the fact that some enterprising developer (probably not unlike Larkfleet) decided, a few years ago, to build some houses on a few fields between Grantham and Manthorpe village, it wouldn’t be there at all.

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