Grantham Journal letter: No cash spent here on potholes

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Your article re potholes (Journal, February 10) brought a wry smile to my face for several reasons.

Why should the public have to do the work of those in Highways who are paid to do it, by having to report them?

There was a particularly bad hole on Gonerby Lane between the A1 and Allington, a road which has a 60 mph speed limit and has many horseboxes and 40 tonne lorries using it on a daily basis. This road has come under much local criticism as it is narrow, has broken edges, undulates and has a 60mph limit. In the opinion of many it is highly dangerous and recent work to “rectify” it has only made it worse.

This crater had been deteriorating over the last month and was some 3-4 inches deep and was right on the driving line – even the local PCSO drove into it. I’m pleased to say it has now been filled in after my call to Lincoln on the number you published.

Surely I am not not the only one to have reported it? I remarked that it should be filled urgently but many days later it was still a hazard.

I am informed that £2 million has been allocated to Lincolnshire for emergency repairs but I have not seen any small road gangs at work around Grantham; have any of your readers?

Motorists pay vast sums into the ‘Road Fund’ but ever since Mr Churchill started to raid it for general funding we have not had value and many of our local roads are a disgrace and the main roads becoming not much better.

It seems that the usual excuse that there is a lack of money really should be that there is a lack of attitude and inability to get a grip. For instance, when a pothole is reported in good faith often with a photograph, why is it necessary to send a staff member out to assess it first when a repair gang could go and do both jobs themselves? Too much talk and not enough do, and I think the public are being treated with disdain.

Do the Highways staff drive around with their eyes and their notebooks shut and do the police ever report dangerous problems? Various ‘Keep Left’ signs have not been repaired locally, one particularly prominent at the bottom of Gonerby Hill near Downtown.

Again, why are so many ‘one eyed’ vehicles tolerated when a simple letter from the police to their owners should alert them and require them to have them fixed and verified? These vehicles are dangerous, MOT failures and thus technically uninsured.

Warwick Banks, Berts Way, Allington