Grantham Journal Letter: ‘No country in the world is ripping its taxpayers off in such an appalling manner’

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Jacob Stuart is perplexed by the argument against wind turbines. He says he doesn’t want to tell people what they should or should not be offended by then promptly accuses local turbine opponents of being ‘bizarre’.

Taking the example he cites, while spoiled views from distant buildings may not be a major reason to oppose wind turbines, local people or tourists may reasonably object to what they regard as a nuisance and an offensive intrusion; so why should anyone say their opinion is bizarre?

Jacob says he is ‘willing to listen to and take on board debates over efficiency and cost effectiveness’. If turbines are so cost effective, why are such grotesquely unfair subsidies (paid for by everyone in their electricity bills) needed to persuade landowners and developers to erect them? Will the energy used in their foreign manufacture, their installation and maintenance ever be recovered?

The efficiency debate should more properly be called the inefficiency debate. Wind power is notoriously unreliable, so alternative back-up power will always be needed.

Paradoxically, high winds can generate too much electricity for the grid to handle – so the National Grid gives operators huge ‘constraint payments’ (over £30m last year) to shut the turbines down – again paid for by us in our electricity bills. No other country in the world is ripping off its taxpayers in this appalling manner.

Why are our politicians trying to hit fatuous and completely arbitrary EU targets for ‘renewables’? Are they technically and economically ignorant? Have they been conned by the now discredited ‘global warming’ zealots or bribed by the so-called ‘green energy’ companies? Perhaps we should all be perplexed.

Brian Bruce