Grantham Journal letter: No regrets

Mayor of Grantham Ian Selby
Mayor of Grantham Ian Selby
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I was wondering who and when the next attempt to discredit me would come from.

In reply to David Simpson’s letter (March 27), where he says he will ‘try’ and put the record straight about the Harrowby Ward boundary changes, well he should try a little harder. He is oblivious of the facts.

Not content with the local Labour Party unfairly dragging my name through the mud in branch minutes, not content with both Coun Wells and myself being deselected in the ward where we live, but now he wants to kick me while I’m down.

If he is trying to encourage me to stand as an Independent candidate at the forthcoming elections, then he is certainly going about it in the right manner.

When the full facts about the behaviour of some of the local Labour Party members is revealed, I hope he will have the decency to apologise for his derogatory comments about us.

I have no regrets whatsoever about the changes that both Coun Wells and myself submitted to the Boundary Commission. I would do exactly the same again. Why on earth would you move an extra 1,100 properties into the Harrowby ward and make it an extremely large ward to manage, when moving 600 the other way into the new St Vincent’s ward and keeping within the Boundary Commission’s guidelines makes much more sense, and the commission agreed. It’s called doing the right thing.

Coun Ashberry cannot plead ignorant to the fact that he knew nothing about it, when these amended proposals went through Full Council. I assume he does read the council agenda?

Coun Ian Selby

Harrowby Ward