Grantham Journal letter: No thought given to the impact on traffic flow!

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A couple of weeks ago the town was brought to a standstill yet again while planned closures of two main arteries took place: namely the long awaited resurfacing of the Barrowby Road/Barrowby Gate junction and also the scheduled closure of Springfield Road after yet another bridge strike earlier in the week.

Either of these could have been rescheduled by a few hours and the resultant chaos, frustration and pollution avoided.

Last week we had a repeat performance with four-way temporary lights at the Springfield Road/Harlaxton Road junction and temporary lights on the alternative route at Dysart Road/Trent Road.

Grantham is a terrible place to get around by car even on a good day. Is it too much to ask that the Highways department look at the impact on the town’s traffic flow and pollution levels before they issue permits for multiple restrictions on key routes into town?

Tim Altham