Grantham Journal letter: Not deserving of a further tribute

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Reference Coun Wootten’s suggestion of a further tribute to Lady Thatcher.

There is already a plaque on the Roberts family home, commemorating her as the first woman Prime Minister. Other than that, her tenure in office was an absolute disaster for Britain.

During that time she managed to preside over the privatisation of the utilities with the result of ever increasing bills. The privatisation of hospital cleaning resulted in disease-ridden wards. The destruction of most of British industry (which we are now having to rebuild) in favour of the uncontrolled banking industry, with the resultant meltdown in the economy.

Now, according to national news, a file has been found that indicates a report was prepared for Margaret Thatcher, detailing unnatural sexual practices within her government, yet it was buried on the grounds of national security!

Despite being the Prime Minister, this is a woman! This is a wife and mother! This is a human being!

What sort of person would think it’s right to sit on a report like this? Do we really want to further honour such a person?

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