Grantham Journal letter: Nothing unusual about the Vulcan

The Vulcan in flight.
The Vulcan in flight.
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Re last week’s article. Firstly, no sane pilot would have performed any such manoeuvre over a populated area. I think Mr Moorcroft’s perspective looking east over the town may have been distorted (Journal, October 30).

If we are talking about the same manoeuvre that I witnessed, I live on the east side of town and it occurred further east from me, over open countryside. It is notoriously difficult to judge how far away an aircraft is from a position on the ground.

What I believe that I witnessed was the Vulcan climb, bank sharp right and peel off and dive, such as we see Spitfires peeling off from formation. Just before peel off, the plane’s wing would be past the vertical giving the impression when viewed from a distance it had done a roll. This is a standard display action for the Vulcan.

I would be interested to see Mr Moorcroft’s photographic evidence.

David O’Flanagan