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Grantham Journal letter: One complaint ULHT? Very funny

A&E, Grantham Hospital
A&E, Grantham Hospital

Yes ULHT, I know you have been well aware of the distress your actions have caused by making Grantham Hospital your whipping boy and trying to dismantle it, stealing our doctors and facilities.

We know the whole country has been suffering because of the failure of the NHS due to the money being grossly misspent – but the way you have treated Grantham Hospital staff is nothing short of disgraceful and you know it.

Who do you think you are kidding with your protestations of ‘unsafe’ when you deliberately made it so?

You have messed up – closing Grantham A&E, causing serious overcrowding at Lincoln and Boston. Funny, seeing as you mentioned that Grantham did not have many patients!

What happened to the £4 million given to you ULHT by the Government – according to media reports most of it went to Boston Pilgrim Hospital in September 2016 – so why is the Pilgrim still suffering?

You started with your old adage ‘use it or lose it’ as you did with the maternity unit, sending people everywhere but Grantham. Your actions have been transparent in the main and people are now seeing through you at last.

One complaint? Very funny.

Jane Bennett

By email

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