Grantham Journal letter: Operation to resolve issue has failed

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I have followed with interest the various articles in the Journal concerning bad parking outside schools in Grantham.

When I saw the front page article in the Journal a few weeks ago that PCSO Fulker and her team were on the case, my first question was why is this being PCSO organised and not police officer led?

As a retired police officer I remember when PCSOs were first introduced to the public, and I thought at the time that this was the thin end of the wedge, policing on the cheap.

PCSO Fulker stated in the original article that speed checks would be carried out around schools; well my understanding is PCSOs can’t carry out enforcement speed checks, so who would be carrying out radar checks?

Having seen the photograph (Journal, June 20) of the perilous parking outside Gonerby Hill Foot School, clearly the operation conducted by PCSO Fulker and her team has not worked.

I am reminded of that famous saying: “You pay peanuts, you get monkeys.”

I have also noticed that when the Journal runs weekly articles about bad parking in Grantham, not once has the officer in charge of Grantham Police Station contacted the Journal to indicate that there will be a clampdown.

I believe that the answer could lie with the police commissioner Alan Hardwick; he could become a voluntary PCSO and enforce traffic legislation. Over to you Alan.

Stan Snave

Belton Lane, Grantham