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Grantham Journal letter: Our bypass is more important

Phase two of the Grantham southern relief road has been delayed until next year.
Phase two of the Grantham southern relief road has been delayed until next year.

Further to my mail last week, now we have some of the details for the reason for the delayed phase two bypass build, I would only comment and look for further answers from Mr Davies and Mr Boles to the following.

Why did we only find out that the Highways Agency had plans to do some work at Harlaxton on the A1 on the month we had been promised phase two would start?

This, after prior promises of earlier start dates and given this multi-million pound development, who is responsible for missing this item?

Is it not possible to combine both projects and make traffic system plans in order to do this? We all have to travel at times over long stretches of roadworks, sometimes with little going on. This, given some stretches of current roadworks in mileage terms, would be very small.

Why can Highways not wait for our much more important project to complete, then do their bit? What actually are they doing that will have any impact on the bypass build ?

We have been told on many occasions that funding is in place for the whole of the project, a contractor had been nominated, so what has happened to the phase two money – has it been allocated to other projects?

Perhaps Lincoln ran out of cash again on one of the many projects they have going presently to increase tourism?

Stuart Allan

By email

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