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Grantham Journal letter: Our unashamed opposition to Trump’s visit has scared him away

With regard to Peter Clawson’s column (Journal, June 16, 2017), I’d like to offer the following response.

Peter, you said: “We of the much maligned older generation pride ourselves on having a more moderate outlook on our rapidly deteriorating planet.”

Oh good, well then why not invite a climate change denying, scientifically illiterate mental-case, who has just pulled out of an international agreement designed to prevent permanent damage to our rapidly deteriorating planet...?

What you may have misunderstood Peter, is that: 1. No one has banned Trump from the UK; and 2. His invitation still stands.

He has decided not to come because of the fierce yet peaceful opposition that he knows he will be met with if he decides to bring his divisive and backward views to our country.

I never supported banning him, as, in the interests of democracy, everyone has the right to the freedom of speech even if it IS verging on hate speech and even if most people disagree with it. I wouldn’t ever want to be silenced just because my views happened to be unpopular.

But even if I did want to ban him from the UK, we simply don’t need to; our loud and unashamed opposition to his visit has scared him into staying away.

I’m proud to live in a country where we oppose the presence of hate preachers regardless of their position. I’m sure the majority of Americans are very jealous of the fact that we have managed to do what their electoral system prevented them from doing... telling Trump to go away.

This is exactly how we should deal with people we disagree with – oppose them fearlessly until they accept defeat!

The rise of the far right is over. Unity and hope are winning!

Tom Sharpe


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