Grantham Journal letter: Parking issue will simply deter shoppers

Paul Adams of The Trickling Tap receives a ticket.
Paul Adams of The Trickling Tap receives a ticket.
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Having read several items of news about the parking restrictions in Grantham and its effect on the shopkeepers I can understand the problem.

I recently parked on Westgate and noticed someone across the road arguing with a traffic warden.

My wife and I were unable to figure out what he had done unless he was over his time.

When I returned to our car I found I had a penalty notice as well. It was for not parking within the marked bay. It seems that the council think that sinking one small piece of granite into the road each side of their so-called bay, which is nearly the same colour of the surrounding road, constitutes a marked bay; they are certainly not noticeable unless you look hard.

I had checked the road sign before leaving the car and all it said was two hours Friday to Sunday, there were no other indications about sticking to marked bays.

I wonder what will happen when the road becomes dirty with the winter weather and the granite becomes obscured completely. I do actually wonder if these kind of traffic markings are legal as I thought markings should be in white. But still I am sure that this situation will make the council lots of money, but it is a shame that soon no one will want to come to Grantham any more and I am afraid that will include me.

G. Marlow