Grantham Journal Letter: Parking wardens are sworn at, spat at and threatened

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Having read Jacob Stuart’s column (Journal, August 16), I am experiencing first-hand the problems encountered by traffic wardens, as my partner is one of these wardens.

He is shouted at: “get a real job”, sworn at, threatened and spat at. People seem to think it gives them a right to park where they want to, with excuses like “I’m okay to pop into the chemist, I won’t be long”; “I’m just going to the cake shop.” While they obstruct the emergency services.

It is true that people have left due to these reasons. They put their lives at risk every day – some people do get violent and aggressive – and for what, a minimum wage.

He does listen to everyone’s needs, but there are requests from the public that are plain stupid. His camera is recording all the time and at the end of the day it is his job on the line.

If the public used the correct places and paid for the parking, returning to the car park when their time is up, his job would be easier. The look on their faces when he is about to write a ticket, “why are you doing this to me” is the look he gets. The public seem to think they can park anywhere, just so they do not have to pay.

Dozy parkers, yes there are plenty, but that is another story.

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