Grantham Journal letter: Patient care is first-class!

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I’ve just been for a week’s stay in Grantham; ‘That’s not far’ I can hear you all say,

But when you feel proper poorly, six miles is a very long way.

The hotel I stayed at was super, my bedroom was on the first floor,

It was a men only bedroom, especially made for four.

My companions made excellent room-mates, conversations were very mature,

Some I recall, but through weakness, not all, after all we were there for a cure.

The hotel staff were perfect, no matter from whence they came,

The cleaners, the nurses, caterers and doctors, the aim of all staff was the same.

The achievement was perfection, sprinkled with loving care,

So from us all to HDU and Ward 2, thank you for all you do there.

Peter Fox

Mill Lane, Marston