Grantham Journal Letter: People are working hard for Grantham

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As founder of the Grantham Retailers Association, I read with some interest the comments made by Paul Richardson, editor of the Grantham Journal, Coun Jean Taylor and Coun Ray Wootten.

These comments were centred on whether or not councillors should have come to the meeting, or if they have been invited at all. All of this negativity detracts away from the real reason I started the association. I want to promote Grantham Independent Retail to everyone who lives in and around Grantham.

We have some wonderful shops in town and a great deal of people working really hard to keep their businesses a success. We have come across some very difficult obstacles lately. As a group I think we can overcome these problems, look at improving the town, encourage new business and make Grantham an even better place to shop.

So to the question, “Are councillors invited?” The answer is a big yes.

Anyone who can help us reach our goals is very welcome indeed.

The next meeting is on Wednesday, September 18. Call me on 01476 404400 for the venue details and we will look forward to seeing you there.

David Charles

Grantham Retailers Association