Grantham Journal letter: People left to pay the price

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Further to the correspondence about Grantham Hospital car park price rises.

It’s all too easy to find the motive. It lies in the values of the people who are running the NHS and the Government who use it as a political football. It is also about the values of Cameron and his poodle Boles whose slavish devotion to the so-called free market makes these things happen.

I would cite two examples.

A hospital I visited recently had a Costa Coffee shop inside the hospital and the MRI scanner outside in a tatty hut.

Cameron promises an extra 1147 GPs surgeries. GPs are to be open from 8am to 7pm, seven days a week. This of course after HE raided the GP budget to pay for an NHS reorganisation that no one asked for, voted for or needed. Now, there is a chronic shortage of GPs.

This reflects the values of the unelected coalition, business first, people second.

Anthony Hindmarch

By email