Grantham Journal letter: People will pay to access quality shops

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It appears that every time Mr Boles opens his mouth, he puts his foot in it. The man lives in another world and is not sensitive to people’s issues, but only for his own political ladder climbing.

Just look at the situation regarding his fight for free parking within the town. Is this just another so-called vote winner? You must be joking!

Why do people travel to places like Nottingham, Lincoln and Leicester? They go to shop where, in some cases, you have to pay to park. Does this discourage them? No. They go because of the variety, and quality of outlets. Couples and families often use it as a day out.

Mr Boles, like John Kirk (Journal, December 13) thinks by reducing parking charges it will encourage people to flock back and revitalise the high street. Another dream Mr Kirk!

In general, I sympathise with Grantham’s independent traders regarding the lack of footfall within the town, but is it not a sign of the times that over the past years we have seen a decline in our once thriving Saturday market and the high street shopper.

Who do we blame? What can be done to reverse the trend? Your guess is as good as mine, but the debate will go on and on, or is it just a change in our retail habits?

Mick Walton

Kingscliffe Road, Grantham