Grantham Journal letter: Plea to every dog owner

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I went for a walk recently and then and in the past I saw a horrible sight, dog poo on the grass, road and path.

Plus, I hate having to look down all the time to avoid treading in it. Then, after the walk, my mum has to check Sam’s paws (Sam is my dog’s name). This is really bothering me, all this dog poo business, so please, if you have a dog, pick your dog’s poo up.

This is not just for me, it’s for other people as well and most importantly it’s for the environment.

I want people to pick up their dog’s poo so much that I am tempted to speak to the government about it and ask if it could be against the law.

This is a poem I have written about picking dog poo up:

Dog poo, dog poo, pick it up,

Dog poo, dog poo, from your pup,

Whatever the size,

Whatever the stink,

Please pick it up and,

Put it in the bin.

Thank you, thank you for picking it up,

Next time I see you I shall bow

To you,

And your pup.

Annabel White (aged 8)