Grantham Journal letter: Plenty of money spent on wars

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A recent report by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), titled “UK non-humanitarian aid in response to the Syria conflict” provides a piece of irrefutable evidence of the cynical hypocrisy of our government’s ongoing war against our essential public services, such as Grantham’s A&E.

The central reason our A&E services are being attacked, we’re told, is because there’s supposedly not enough money to pay for them. Yet here we have the FCO spilling the beans about hundreds of millions of pounds being spent on “non-humanitarian aid” to Syria.

Our government is generously doling out our money to “a range of actors” in

Syria, such as £4m to the

Syrian National Coalition, an organisation which claims

on its website “the goal of

overthrowing the Assad regime” .

It’s illegal in international law for any country to try to overthrow the government of another, without a specific UN mandate; and here we have irrefutable proof - provided by the FCO - that our government is using our money to help do just that.

And a report in Metro tells us about even more money being wasted in Syria. Every time an RAF Tornado takes to the Syrian skies it’s costing us £35,000 an hour; missions last between four and eight hours and usually involve at least two jets. Each bomb they use costs us from £22,000 (for Paveway bombs) to an eye-watering £800,000 (for Storm Shadow missiles).

There’s no UN mandate authorising British military action in Syria; and Syria certainly hasn’t asked for British bombs (as it did ask the Russians).

Therefore all British military action there is totally illegal.

And the waste of public money doesn’t end there. There are tens of billions more wasted on pointless new aircraft carriers and other warships, tens of billions on spy stations and new nuclear missiles we should never use; and as the BBC recently revealed in “Who’s spending Britain’s billions?” , vast sums of public money are being gifted to private “consultants” who are paid a percentage from whatever they can cut from our essential services - such as A&E closures.

So here we are, one of the richest nations in the world, wasting tens of billions of pounds every year on illegal wars and war machines and paying parasitic private consultants to leave our own citizens with the obscenity of charity foodbanks and homelessness, student loans, stolen pensions and closed emergency services.

To say there is no money

is a lie. It’s about how politicians choose to spend our money.

It’s time to stop voting for those who are making these choices.

John Andrews, Marratts Lane, Great Gonerby