Grantham Journal letter: Police assist HGV to infringe weight limit on road

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A policeman’s lot is not a happy one? Seemed to be recently.

A strange occurrence took place on January 9 at 15.09 hours. Opens note book.

I was proceed in a westerly direction along Gorse Lane in Grantham when I was greeted by a very strange sight.

A marked police car was escorting a huge, articulated HGV up Wyville Road, where there is a 7.5 tonne weight limit. This begs a question. Why?

It seems odd to me that as Lincolnshire Police have for over 13 years ignored the almost daily infringement of this weight limit, they now appear to be encouraging it. It is the trucks that are shattering the edge of this road as well as the rest of Gorse Lane.

Of course our esteemed councillor, Richard The Tar-heart Davies’ doomed (and expensive) campaign to make Gorse Lane and Wyville Road as smooth as the proverbial baby’s bottom has been a bit of a failure, as no matter how much of a patchwork quilt effect the roads now have, they are still being smashed at the edges by trucks.

Our great and wise leaders at Lincs Highways seem not to have equated the facts that huge trucks on Gorse Lane and its environs have a deleterious effect upon the verges into which they continue to pour more cold tar.

Perhaps at some time in the future Lincs Police may be providing escorts for the hundreds of lorries who may be visiting the proposed quarry site on Gorse Lane, if permission is ever granted, which it most certainly should notbe.

Perhaps they will continue to ignore the dozens of Chelsea tractors churning up the verge outside a local school.

Perhaps to save time Lincolnshire Police can escort in convoys the hundreds of trucks travelling east to west through Grantham, as our great and wise leaders seem unable, unwilling, uncomprehending of the fact that their plans (ha!) are useless unless the A607 is joined to the A52.

Anthony Hindmarch

by email