Grantham Journal letter: Police need to deal with the problem at source

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Drunkeness and anti-social behaviour are reported on regularly in the Journal, and the solution to it is very simple.

It is, and always has been, an offence for bar staff, or a licensee to serve someone alcohol when that person is drunk (not drunk and disorderly - simply drunk). It is also an offence for someone else to obtain alcohol for someone who is drunk, and the threshold for being “drunk” in these cases is surprisingly low.

Given that most people “pre-load” on cheap supermarket booze before they go out on a Friday or Saturday, then it’s fair to suggest that many will meet that threshold before they get into town. This offence is simple to establish and prosecute with a little will, and some good old fashioned policing. As a result, if some local establishments were hit with four figure fines on a regular basis with a few licences revoked, this might encourage some licensees to take their responsibilities more seriously, and to keep orderly houses.

Deal with the problem at source, it’s a lot more cost effective than dealing with the consequences. If we did, then perhaps there would be a little less stress on A&E, certainly less damage and anti-social behaviour in the town, and the rest of us would probably have fewer pools of vomit and urine to avoid on a Saturday and Sunday mornings.

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