Grantham Journal letter: Police should show that they care

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I am old enough to remember when the police were part of the community, joining in events, taking a pride in their uniform and appearance.

Now they appear to hide behind computers, producing statistics and reports.

PCSOs now ride around in cars. When I asked the question “Why?”, I was told it enabled them to get out to some rural areas. Sainsbury’s Car Park?

Parades are part of our community life, whether it be a Biker’s Run, or a St George’s Day Celebration. These are events that have to be preserved, especially the Remembrance Day Parade. It seems to me we can afford to employ a PCC, but that seems to be at the expense of denying to the public a chance to participate in an event of any kind. I urge the police to reconsider their decision if only from a PR point of view. At the very least it would reassure the public that we do have a police force that cares.

Councillor Mike Cook, St Vincent’s Ward