Grantham Journal Letter: Politics bankrolled by big business

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In response to Mr Coldham’s letter (Journal, July 26) I would say this.

Presumably he is fine with Cameron’s nasty party being bankrolled by big business and the financial services industry then?

Twenty-seven per cent party funds from hedge funds, 51 per cent of all Tory party funds from the financial services industry.

When Cameron’s election strategist, Lynton Crosby, is directly receiving money from the oil, tobacco and fracking industry (who just got huge tax breaks from Osborne), can he be naive enough to believe that those who bankroll the Tory party do not influence its policies?

Mr Coldham is clearly aiming at the wrong target.

Nick Boles is the architect of most of the Tory party strategies from his execrable Policy Exchange which he co-founded.

Only on June 27 this year, he was heckled at a CRPE meeting as he was being economical with the truth about how many plots developers are sitting on.

In my view, this should continue at every opportunity. He is deserving of our disapprobation.

Anthony Hindmarch

Gorse Lane, Grantham