Grantham Journal letter: Pool needs investment

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On visiting Dysart Park last Thursday, we were disappointed to find no water in the paddling pool.

Calling South Kesteven District Council proved fruitless and I was told by the groundkeeper that it was his responsibility to fill the pool but there is a broken tile which he had apparently reported over a week ago and it is a Health and Safety issue.

On inspection of the pool I found such loose and broken tiles. The steps are also in a bad condition and really should have been replaced in the spring.

It is not really good enough that Dysart pool is so neglected when Wyndham Park pool is such a lovely area with wisteria and benches all around.

Never mind replacing the pool at Wyndham Park, how about we get some investment in the pool at Dysart Park and get a facility fit for purpose and one that can actually be used on hot days!

Liane Johnson

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