Grantham Journal letter: Poor decision by local Labour Party

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I am sure I am not on my own when I say that I am at a loss at the decision by the local Labour Party, to deselect Ian Selby.

He is a councillor who has always had his constituents at the heart of everything he does. In the past year he has shown everyone in Grantham, and further afield, how the post of Mayor of Grantham should be embraced. He has opened up this seat of office to the public and has been tireless in his support of Grantham, its residents and local charities.

Unlike some before him, he has put Grantham before all the other trappings the role has offered him. No-one I have spoken to has had a bad word to say about how he has represented Grantham as mayor, indeed I have heard nothing but praise about how hard working and supportive he has been.

As a local Labour councillor he has listened, offered help and support to residents and has stood up for what he believes is fair and right. The local Labour Party has shot themselves in the foot and the Harrowby ward will be poorer for their decision. I sincerely hope they come to their senses and offer him another ward.

I have known Ian for several decades and have never known him to be self-serving or seeking gain and recognition for anything he did. Ian has worked hard to get to where he is and he has always wanted to be there to help and better the lot of the people he represents. Other councillors and politicians should take a leaf out of his book and look at their actions. Perhaps he is too good an example of how councillors should serve their wards for others to measure up to.

I wish Ian every success in whatever he chooses to do next and I commiserate with the people of Harrowby who have lost the political support of a great man.

Pam Hansen