Grantham Journal letter: Poor excuse for not showing film

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I was just wondering why is it that the Reel is OK to show on release day the new Star Wars film, yet when it comes to Star Trek, which is a sponsor on the Grantham Reel website, they decide not to show it on release date and have heard they might not even show it there at all.

This is not the first time they have done this either

This is what I sent to the Reel:

Just wondering when is Star Trek on at Grantham, as it seems the film is not going to be shown this weekend? When will it be shown and why not on the date shown in the sponsor ads?

And this is their lame answer:

Unfortunately, this is not within our control, as the distributor did not give us a print for Grantham. We will look to get it after release, but we can’t promise anything. Sorry.

It seems to me they are not too bothered with Grantham. Yet we’re supposed to be getting a better cinema, but what’s the point if they don’t show the films.

I just find it sickening that they can use Star Trek as a sponsor for their website but not show the film. If they decided to not show it on the Grantham site they should have taken the banners off.

If they say they don’t have the screens to show them all. They could have limited the showings to just one a day. It’s not encouraging if they decide to show or not to show. It has really put me off coming to Grantham to watch movies with friends. If they’re not showing this weekend will be going to Showcase Cinema in Peterborough or Cineworld

in Nottingham - both have more screens than what Grantham will have in the next few years.

Adam Gray, By Facebook