Grantham Journal letter: Pothole damaged car

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Last week (Journal, February 10) you ran yet another article about potholes and where to report them.

Two weeks ago I reported the Barrowby Gate/Dysart Road junction mass of potholes. On Sunday night I had to drive through this area CAREFULLY trying to avoid the potholes.

However, I heard a loud bang, came home slowly and went carefully to the garage the next day – car inspected and the result was the near-side front spring broken in half, causing over a £100 of damage to my car.

Councillor Richard Davies, executive member for highways, quoted months ago that he was making it a priority to get rid of all the potholes in the Grantham area. This clearly has not happened; in fact it has got worse!

Councillor Davies has said in last week’s Journal, ‘once we are aware of a problem we deal with it’ – my experience is the exact opposite.

John Watson, Barrowby