Grantham Journal letter: Problem is worse since restrictions introduced

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I really don’t understand this council’s thinking?

After all the publicity surrounding parking issues on Norton Street, Grantley Street and Queen Street, they make matters far worse by putting double yellow lines all the way down Station Road East.

I suppose they think this will force commuters to use the rip-off car parks attached to the railway station? Sadly this isn’t the case.

Being a resident of Grantley Street I am well used to the daily struggle to park in our local area, but lucky for me I work night shifts and normally it’s not too much of an issue at 6am, or so I thought!

On arriving home on Tuesday morning I was dismayed to see the street full of posh cars and people running up the road with briefcases and trollies, rushing to get their trains.

Well done to our elected leaders, another misguided decision.

N. Fisher

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