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Grantham Journal letter: Problem of baled straw on roads

Baled hay
Baled hay

Having tried to report this issue with Highways and the Council websites, and being unable to fathom out the somewhat complex procedures and sites not being available when I have tried, I would ask you to highlight the following.

Over the last six months or so the A1 and the A52 has seen a huge increase in large, lorry and trailers full of baled straw travelling on our roads.

If you travel behind one of these loads and have to put your wipers on in order to see ahead you will understand my point, plus, the roads and vergers are full of the finely chopped straw, which feeds into and blocks drains.

Skip collection firms are by law obliged to cover the skip in order to stop any fallout. Any driver with any unsecured load may well be pulled over and fined. Why/how do these companies get away with it ?Blocked drains =flooding and cost of clearing.Driving conditions behind these vehicles = ac cidents.Straw rubbish into car radiators and wiper functions = car breakdowns from overheating and poor visibility.

Whole manner of questions as to why it is allowed, perhaps Lincs Highways can lead the way and ban them until covers are placed on the load.

It is also strange that these wagons seem to travel up and down the A52, fully laden, in some sort of circle. Am I missing some sort of deal that includes mileage, or are the drivers just lost ?

Sorry, but just must add my final point, as this is a local issue and non political I hope it takes priority over what will be Mr Andrews’ letter telling us all to vote for Jeremy, it does seem that whatever he writes is published, perhaps in the hope it generates responses, which I will also decline.

Stuart Allan

By email

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