Grantham Journal letter: Problems are result of failed policy

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So the United Lincolnshire Hospital Trust is going through a critical period, what a surprise!

Perhaps because it is still chasing that pie in the sky, namely the creation of two “Centres of Excellence” at Lincoln and Boston, a policy that it has been trying to achieve for about 30 years and here we are in special measures!

After all this time, during the reign of about six chief executives, only one of whom dared to put his head above the parapet, and he was paid off, is it not about time that someone called a halt to this failed policy?

It has meant the denuding of all the local hospitals of specialists and seemingly now nurses, which has caused ward closures.

As a consequence, the person recently hurt just outside the hospital in Grantham, had to be sent elsewhere, so much for the “Golden Hour”.

I expect it was because the ambulance driver was following recent orders that anyone in pain had to go to the main hospitals. What an indictment of the trust’s policy.

I have lived in Grantham for nearly 40 years and despite many protests by the townspeople, the trust has sailed blithely on.

Why can’t they reward the local hospitals who generally give the service that satisfy the local population, with more up-to-date facilities and consultants?

Mr K. Boyle

Sandcliffe Road, Grantham