Grantham Journal letter: Problems with Persimmon go unresolved!

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We have lived on Hunters Gate for six years and have had cause to contact Persimmon over the years for lots of house related problems.

At the moment though, our main problem with the developers is the state of the surroundings that they leave existing residents in.

We have had a battle to get such simple problems put right such as a broken street light, (reported on January 14). To date this street light still isn’t fixed. It may not seem like a big problem but, when you put it together with the broken drains, the unfinished paths and roads, the overgrown communal areas, and the lorries constantly mounting the curbs to get round bends, it makes a pretty sorry picture of what should be a lovely development.

There is also a much larger issue around the Section 106 agreements that I and others have been working on along with SKDC, to make Persimmon deliver the provisions (formal and informal space) set out in the agreement. Persimmon have thus far been less than forthcoming.

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