Grantham Journal letter: Pub to hall?

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Pause for thought...Ropsley requires a new village hall.

Certain residents of the said village, under the guise of losing the Fox as a pub, have a common goal.

The Fox, currently up for planning development, would make an adequate village hall, with slight modification.

Already possessing the requisite requirements, as suggested by the questionnaire circulating the village at present.

Located within the Village, and not the outskirts, a larger car park than the present hall, it would seem to solve some of the requirements, without upsetting members of the community.

A village shop could run on a voluntary basis (I have my doubts) thus allowing the “village hall” to remain more accessible for the community (if they can do it in the Archers!)

For those of you who will automatically shout foul, “What about the cricket and football”...sorted. Rename the existing hall, let’s say, call it a pavilion.

Where’s the money coming from? The same source the ‘committee’, I presume, would approach for the construction of a new build, the Lottery Fund, and as many grants it can squeeze out of the council and other organisations.

As I said, ‘it’s a thought’

Please note all characters unnamed above are purely factious (TM).

Paul Conway

Church Lane, Ropsley