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Grantham Journal letter: Public services reached breaking point decades ago

Leader of Lincolnshire County Council Martin Hill
Leader of Lincolnshire County Council Martin Hill

Last week, the Journal reported that Lincolnshire County Council leader Martin Hill said that council services are “at breaking point”. Has Mr Hill only just noticed that?

Council services, together with almost every other public service, reached breaking point many years ago. Hundreds of thousands of people all around the country have been protesting against government cuts for decades.

Even here, in ultra-Conservative Grantham, thousands of us have marched against the disgraceful cuts that have led to the partial closure of our hospital’s most essential service – its A&E department.

Killing off public services through starvation of funding is a core principle of capitalism, the economic policy practised mainly by Tories, but also some deluded Labour politicians such as Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

The reason for killing the public sector, they would argue, is that it allows the private sector to provide essential services instead. This is desirable, they would say, because the private sector does things better. No matter that there’s not a scrap of evidence to support this claim. No matter that there’s a mountain of evidence to prove the exact opposite – that public services are best left in the hands of a properly funded state.

Although Tory politicians are largely responsible for creating this situation, Blairites in the Labour Party are arguably even more culpable – because people expect better things from Labour than a seamless continuation of Tory policies.

But there are two other groups who are also responsible.

The first of these is the mainstream media, for it’s the media who have not only failed to hold four decades of capitalist governments to account, they’ve actively promoted the vile practice of capitalism, a practice which could properly be described as downright evil. And people tend to believe the mainstream media.

The second vitally important group who are responsible for the savage cuts that Mr Hill recently seems to have noticed are all of those who for the best part of 40 years have steadfastly persisted in voting for capitalist government.

We need a socialist reformation. Only socialism can save our country.

It was socialists, not capitalists, who made Britain really great – giving us the NHS, council housing, free university education, decent old age pensions, almost full employment.

The capitalists have just about destroyed it all, as even Mr Hill has finally accepted.

So the obvious solution is that people should stop voting for capitalism, and vote once again for socialism.

John Andrews

Marratts Lane,
Great Gonerby

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