Grantham Journal letter: Public should also strive to keep our streets clean

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There have been many letters complaining about the quality of (or lack of!) work done by the company South Kesteven District Council employs to mow the grass in parks and the grass verges.

I was walking down the road in Gonerby Hill Foot and yes, I found all the grass scattered over the pavements rather distasteful. But, what I found more distasteful was the amount of litter, eg cans, sweet wrappers etc thrown all over the pavements. Also, even more distasteful was the amount of dog waste.

Had I been a member of South Kesteven District Council, I would have been thinking , are the Grantham public really worth our care and attention? Well, some of them are not.

I am a dog owner and I always carry special bags and use them to pick up after my dog. It makes me very angry with those who are too lazy to do this. They give dog owners a bad name.

Nor would I ever throw litter anywhere except in the litter bins provided.

Yes, we want our council to work for us, but please let us all do our part too.

No one is more vocal than I am in voicing complaints to councils and various government officials, but I will give credit where it is due. We have some very caring, hardworking councillors, including councillors Ray and Linda Wootten and Coun Mike Taylor, who are stars in my book.

Joan McDaniel

Gonerby Hill Foot, Grantham