Grantham Journal letter: Raise highways issues with me

LCC and SKDC Labour Councillor Charmaine Morgan
LCC and SKDC Labour Councillor Charmaine Morgan
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In his column (Journal October 16) District Councillor Cook noted people have complained to him regarding schools and highways.

Unfortunately he provided the District Council contact number to report these matters.

As the Lincolnshire County (LCC) Councillor for Grantham South I will be delighted to hear from District Councillor Cook or any other person in my division regarding highways and education on 01476 574748 or

I manage a list of highways requirements for Grantham South with LCC Highways Officers and have regular meetings with them. I have also have raised a number of matters with Cllr Richard Davies who is LCC highways cabinet lead.

A review of future highways work across our area is to take place shortly so it is very important your County Councillor is aware of your local highways concerns now.

The County Council also deals with safeguarding/protecting adults and children (including domestic violence ), emergency services (including police and fire rescue), health scrutiny, public health, social care, trading standards, flood risk management, waste disposal and mineral extraction.

The general contact number for Lincolnshire County Council is 01522 552222 where you can also find out who your County Councillor is if you are not sure.

You will have one elected County Councillor.

South Kesteven District Council’s (SKDC) responsibilities include waste collection (as opposed to disposal), planning, housing matters including emergency housing, management of public parks and spaces, environmental health, council tax collection, housing benefit, council tax benefit, public transport, voter registration, street naming and street cleaning. You may have more than one District Councillor.

Villages also have Parish Councils who can be contacted via SKDC on 01476 406080.

Some responsibilities such as strategic planning, economic development, environmental protection and heritage sit across both county and district.

As regards to the litter and fly tipping issue Councillor Cook raised I totally support the concerns regarding the selfish behaviour that blights our communities and in my capacity as St Vincent’s District Councillor have been working with South Kesteven Community Safety, 
Environmental Health and Waste Collection mangers to see how we can tackle the issue.

We have a particular problem in the narrow town centre Victorian streets in part thanks to poor planning regulations that allow properties to be subdivided without ensuring adequate space for waste storage.

Whilst some Grantham homes have driveways and/or garden areas, people whose homes may consist of a single room, or small apartment in a building with no yard are forced to keep food and all other waste in their home for 2 weeks under the current SKDC waste disposal policy. I have called for cctv, education and tighter enforcement action and consideration of weekly collections where waste storage is an issue.

At the last budget the Labour Group called for a Business Waste Collection Service, which the Conservatives voted against, even though it may help raise funds. There is an issue with selfish thoughtless behaviour but there is also an issue with government and council policies that can fail to meet the needs of some community members . We hope the Conservative administration will listen to us and will seek to review its policy in future.

In the meanwhile, if you see someone dumping waste or stealing a shopping trolley from supermarket grounds (also frequently and dangerously fly tipped) SKDC can act upon your witness statement. Theft is a police matter. Photographs can also be used. We all need to be vigilant.

Cllr Charmaine Morgan