Grantham Journal letter: Real issues for the ‘just managing’

Garden Waste Bin EMN-160826-135440001
Garden Waste Bin EMN-160826-135440001
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Further to the letter in the Journal last week concerning refuse collection. May I through your paper request clarification from SKDC on the following points regarding green waste?

A family or pensioner on minimum wage or basic pension has a small garden with a lawn. They do not own a vehicle and obviously cannot afford a gardener, where do they dispose of grass cuttings and weeds?

lf as reported in the press, from April 2017 SKDC or CC will have insufficient funds to cut grass verges, so where will estate residents dispose of the grass cuttings from the verges at the front of their properties?

If as I suspect, the answer to these queries is to pay for a green bin, this will then increases their outgoings and like SKDC or LCC they will have insufficient funds for their basic needs.

I do realise it is imperative that we all recycle but if there is no facility to dispose of rubbish, that in the past would have been black bin waste, how are these scenarios to be dealt with?

These are real issues which concern people who are in Theresa May’s category of “Just Managing”. Please may we have your comments and a solution, which will hopefully not incur any further expense?

Name and address supplied,