Grantham Journal letter: Real potential

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In reply to the letter by Brian Bruce, I have lived in Ropsley for 30 years.

There have been at least eight licensees at the Ropsley Fox or “ the Foxes Brush” as it was.
To say this pub cannot work is ridiculous. There have been times when you couldn’t get in the door.

We have nearby in Somerby the Fox and Hounds, a really busy place; at Newton The Red Lion with a fantastic reputation; Burton Coggles has the Cholmeley Arms, where you have to book to get a table.
All of these successful local pubs are located in smaller more remote villages than Ropsley.
To say it is the villagers’ fault that the Fox has closed shows just how out of touch your writer Brian Bruce is. A pub’s success depends on three things: good beer, first and foremost, easy cheap meals available (pub grub), and if applicable a really good, high class restaurant.
Would-be landlords should consult the experts or learn by frequenting their outlets. CAMRA about the beer to stock, and JD Wetherspoons the most successful pub chain in Britain.

Unfortunately many of the Fox’s owners dreamed of a Michelin-starred Gordon Ramsay, fine dining ‘event’ business and forgot that it was a pub. Lots of their bar persons never even drank beer.

The Fox is a heritage building and should remain a heritage proposition. To neglect it with a view to develop it as housing is nothing more than a money-making venture. This is unfortunately a common occurrence!

As Mr Bruce lives in Colsterworth, perhaps he should be aware that Dave Smith also runs the White Lion in the High Street. Maybe this would also be a good development opportunity?

J I Wade

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