Grantham Journal letter: Responding to big issue

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How interesting it is that P. M. Jones’ letter (Journal, January 4) questions why one of our county councillors should show an interest in our position within the EU, and equally interesting is the similar position taken by your columnist, David Burling.

Have either stopped to think that the reason Richard Davies is addressing the issue, is because it is one of the things that his constituents are wanting to discuss?

As one of those constituents, I am extremely interested in my local politicians’ stance on the direction of the UK within the EU, and fail to see why as a county councillor, Mr Davies cannot be seen to raise an issue which does affect us at a local, as well as national level. I, along with many others, feel it more than appropriate for our councillor to respond to the big issues whether Nick Boles is on holiday or not.

What I also find incomprehensible is Mr Burlings’ implication that we shouldn’t question where the money for key infrastructure projects comes from.

It strikes me that this is yet another classic example of the Labour Party wanting money regardless of its source, a prime example of how they ran up so much debt while in office. Maybe instead of criticising others for making a stand, Mr Burling and his colleagues should concentrate on learning from their past mistakes.

Helen Goral

Lindisfarne Way, Grantham