Grantham Journal letter: Ridiculous to cut services

Grantham Hospital.
Grantham Hospital.
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I have read with interest the correspondence in the Journal over the last few weeks with regards to Grantham Hospital and the reduction in A&E services.

Some of the letters have made very good comments on the cuts in services while others seem to have descended into political point scoring and who said what to who...

However, as a non medical lay man could I make the following points:

1. Grantham as a town is expanding and will have an expected population of 60,000 by 2026. A population growth of over 30% in 10 years is going to require a huge investment in schools, social services and medical facilities...not a reduction.

2. More money is being spent on the NHS by the Government than ever before so why should the Grantham area taxpayers be short changed by the ULHT into accepting reduced hospital services? The loss of the maternity services and the reduction in A&E are examples.

3. With an expected 30 % growth in population there should be a full reversal of any planned cuts with the re-opening of the maternity units and 24-hour, full A&E.

We pay our taxes, so surely the people of Grantham and the council have a right to say NO when the ULHT attempt another slow erosion of services. We had a fully staffed and working hospital 20 years ago when the town was much smaller, it is therefore ridiculous with the expected population growth to expect Grantham Hospital to offer reduced services with thousands of more patients to deal with.

Chris Shannon

Laburnum Cottage,

Village Street,