Grantham Journal letter: Ring bell to warn of your approach

Grantham Canal near Woolsthorpe, March 2014.
Grantham Canal near Woolsthorpe, March 2014.
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A polite letter to the cyclists who use the Grantham Canal path.

This is an amenity that due to the river authority and Grantham Preservation Society, is kept in good repair for us all – walkers, dogs, and children, of all ages and abilities to enjoy.

Most cyclists, for some reason best known to themselves, refuse to use bells to announce their presence, which is okay if they are oncoming, but from behind you just cannot be heard.

I, for one, have no objection to moving over for you, having cycled myself along this path, but I can only move if I hear you.

Would anyone like to be responsible for the nasty injuries that could well occur on such a collision? On Sunday I was very nearly mown down a couple of times, along with other walkers.

I would remind them this is not a stage of the Tour de France or some time trial, but a ride out for enjoyment. Please, please show some consideration for other people using this super pathway, by making yourselves heard, and not being selfish thinking it is your right to take precedence over others.

I would add, this consideration also applies to those people who insist on riding on pavements instead of the road, which is breaking the law and is fineable.

Thank you to the cyclists who do make themselves known.

J. Wooldridge

Wroxall Drive, Grantham