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Grantham Journal letter: River rubbish is a poor reflection


Ever increasing news items show us the dreadful results of throwing rubbish around our towns, countryside and rivers.

This is frequently washed down into the sea with devastating effect:

n A diver took photos of himself swimming in a soup of bits of plastic.

n Albatross chicks are dying , their crops full of brightly coloured junk their parents have fed them.

n ALL marine creatures are affected, even the fish we eat.

n Micro plastics we cannot even see are being found in bottled water and even tap water.

In Grantham we try to remove rubbish from our stretch of the River Witham, but it is like running up the down escalator. On our next foray there are as many bags of new garbage as before.WHY?

South Kesteven District Council provide bins at frequent enough intervalsbut these are just ignored by the drinkers with their cans . bottles and fast food cartons. Dog poo bags get thrown into trees along the river, Then there are the bikes, traffic cones, furniture, and an amazing collection of objects that need nets and grappling hooks to get them out.

When you look at the pictures taken from space of our tiny.beautiful planet, we litter and poison it at our peril. There is NOWHERE ELSE to go.

Small solutions can combine together. What can WE do here in Grantham, to help prevent the catastrophic fate facing our little area of the World?

Marilyn Campbell

Dudley Road


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