Grantham Journal letter: Sadly, British values are in decline!

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Reading Peter Clawson’s column, I seem to have touched a nerve with my earlier letter.

Peter’s enthusiasm for traditional British values is laudable, but we live in a 21st century mixed economy with both a private sector and a public sector - the latter being financed by the former.

We also have to abide by the international financial regime which, although legal, may, indeed, as Peter says, be immoral, but he fails to explain how international organisations can be made to “pay their way” in UK taxes.

Governments of all political persuasions over many decades have failed to achieve global, internationally-binding fiscal agreements.

Peter’s ‘best prospect’ is an organisation that is run “efficently for the community it is designed to serve”.

That would be fine, but, sadly we see few examples of efficiency in our present-day public sector.

Disgracefully our civil ‘servants’ spent over £1bn on taxpayer-funded credit cards in a year, including luxury British hotels and exotic overseas locations, plus chauffeur-driven cars.

The Department for Education alone spent £10,000 a month on shopping voucher ‘incentives’ for staff.

Our National Health Service, which was once the envy of the world, is now so submerged in bureaucracy that dedicated doctors and nurses (who used to run the NHS effectively) are leaving in droves through sheer frustration and joining the private sector here and abroad.

The previous government’s disastrous £12 billion NHS computer scheme, criticised by their own IT specialists and by the British Medical Assocation was, thankfully, scrapped by the current coalition before more of our good money was thrown after bad.

What’s that rumbling noise? ... Oh, yes, it’s Nye Bevan turning in his grave.

Brian Bruce

Bourne Road, Colsterworth