Grantham Journal letter: Schooldays remembered

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I was very interested to see a Memory Lane picture of 1955 girls from my old school KGGS, which Mr Matsell had split into three. Margaret Thatcher was head girl the year I started at the school and I have a similar photograph taken in 1946 which has me in the back row and various friends I have kept in touch with but sadly only two are still alive.

Miss Gillies was headmistress and all the teachers (I can name them) were spinsters and it was a very strictly-run school. My uncle made a long frame for the photograph so it is in very good condition.

Today a headline in my Dail Mail is ‘On the anniversary of her death why is there still no monument to Maggie in her own home town?’ There has been a lot of controversy as to where it should be placed and I have always thought it should be in the school grounds where it should be a safe place from vandalism!

So many stories can be told of life during the war at our school, having days off to pick blackberries to combine with apples from the school orchard in cooking lessons to make jam to be eaten on school dinners milk puddings. We also picked rosehips to make the syrup to provide extra vitamins for children.

I’ve still got a prize I received for gardening at school. It’s a wonderful gadget produced by the expert C. H. Middleton who encouraged people to ‘dig for victory’.

Brenda Blades (nee Kelley)

Waddington, Lincoln