Grantham Journal letter: Search is on for photographers

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Where are all our colleagues?

2018 is the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Royal Air Force and the RAF Photographers Association (RAFPA) is looking to contact current and retired members of the RAF Photographic trade. During the depths of the Cold War the Photographic Trade numbered a couple of thousand personnel, women and men, today it is not a couple of hundred.

RAF Photographers, members of Trade Group 14 were based at nearly every RAF station, many would have done tours of duty at bomber bases along the length of the Great North Road, in Norfolk on the front line in the case of global war, or on the flight-line of fighter, bomber and reconnaissance squadrons and in Station Photographic Sections throughout the UK and around the world.

All trained at the School of Photography, which is still functioning but now reflects a wider base as the Defence School of Photography. Photographers joined via boy entrant, you could join at 15 years of age, but most survived the experience, National Service and direct entry. Some possibly regretted their decision but you learned a trade and many took their skills to civvy-street.

With our quarterly magazine and annual reunion to keep in touch and renew friendships it is never too late to join and find your long lost colleagues: See us on the web at: