Grantham Journal letter: Sending out the wrong message

Signs and spray paint are being used to remind owners to clean up after their dogs.
Signs and spray paint are being used to remind owners to clean up after their dogs.
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Come on Woodland Trust - dog walkers are not the enemy!

I would guess that we are your biggest supporters.

Most are sensible about cleaning up after our dogs and we safeguard their health by worming them regularly.

Your latest poster campaign will feed people’s paranoia and completely put them off walking!

This is the most beautiful time of the year to visit the woods as the colours are at their best and early orchids and briar roses are just coming into flower and you can hear the sounds of the birdlife.

The view from Alma Wood across Belton Park must be the best view in Grantham.

This, surely, should be the message you send to encourage people to walk the woods, not spray painting doubtful looking objects that may be decomposing dog poo and crying “Unclean”.

This could be fox, deer or badger poo and certainly is a bit of torn plastic in one case, but is mostly indiscernible as anything other than mud.

Whoever designed the posters gets very few marks out of 10. There’s a bare-footed person about to tread in a steaming pile of dog excrement.

Walking the woods barefoot is not a good idea. There’s lots of mud just now; nettles, thistles, brambles, stones and bees, but if you wear sensible footwear, a walk in the woods is the most pleasurable, healthy occupation and it costs absolutely nothing.

The biggest pollutant right now is the plethora of posters at each gateway and the fluorescent orange markings on the ground!

Jenny Atter

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